Tuesday, 4 August 2020


Fix Hardwood Floor Systems

Purchasing a nicely installed, durable floating floor can make great feeling, not only for your pocketbook but also for the area's aesthetics. However, what happens when floating floors"go wrong"? Here we tabulate a few common floating flooring issues and fixes.

1.An expansion issue known as"peaking"

Your flooring and walls are, in a certain sense, fluid. They expand and contract based on the weather, humidity, and other elements. When a floor expands against the doorway molding or wall, the boards can in fact buckle up and create a tripping hazard -- and certainly an aesthetically pleasing circumstance. The solution is usually to eliminate the obstruction (like the wall or molding) and permit the ground to expand and even out.

2.Water/moisture-induced warping and/or buckling

Laminate flooring can be challenged by humidity and pooling water at a disturbingly multitude variety of ways. If water gets to the sub floor, the dampness can cause the floor to buckle (positive curvature) or warp (negative curvature). A balancing coating can help even out this undesirable curvature, or you may need to update to a higher quality product.

3.Mildew, mold, and other yucky infestations

Where there's a mildew or mould, there is almost certainly moisture. Fungal spores, bacteria, and other"not so wonderful stuff" can emanate from mold and mildew stains, hamper your air quality, and make your kitchen or other place look pretty terrible. To repair this issue, you may have to fix or even replace your laminate floor.

But you should also make sure you get to the root of the problem. What is leaking? What caused the water and moisture to pool at the first place? If you don't ID and resolve the primary source of mildew, it is going to return and cost you more time and money.

As we discussed earlier, floating floors are sensitive to fluctuations in pressure and temperature and moisture. Floors can contract in addition to expand -- especially in cold, dry environments. This issue isn't particularly common, but you can block it on installation day: be certain that the hardwood flooring is the precise temperature/humidity will normally be if you do the word. Don't install on the hottest, muggiest day of summer!

4.Annoying chipping

Poor setup or handling of floating flooring -- also as imprecise cleaning (e.g. with a beater bar vacuum attachment) can lead to nasty chipping on the corners. This in turn can allow water to seep into the chipped area, which may in turn breed mold and mildew, etc.

The best fix is to prevent damaging the flooring in the first place!

5. Obtain a complete and thorough assistance with your floating floor diagnosis.

The team at Floor Sanding Hornchurch ( www.hornchurchfloorsanding.co.uk) can help you identify, fix, and prevent your floating flooring problems, in order for your kitchen or the space looks gorgeous for many years | 01708 545 630

Friday, 17 July 2020


Popular and Long-lasting

Have you ever made a decision to put your FLOOR SANDING HORNCHURCH house in the marketplace to market? Or perhaps you wish to improve the overall look of your home to enjoy for a lot more decades before deciding to move. Either way, it is difficult to resist the beauty and return on investment of hardwood floors.

If you are considering buying hardwood floors, you have much to gain as well as the freedom of numerous choices in wood and design. Additionally, if you are home already has this timeless treasure set up, a revival to your current flooring is within reach!

The Advantages

  • Get the most value from your home with a hardwood floor installation.
  • 82% of realtor discovered that houses with hardwood floors sold faster than houses with carpets.
  • Replacing carpets or floors with hardwoods may give you a 102% return on your investment.
  • Hardwood floors last longer than other flooring options, with an average lifespan of 75 years.
  • They are simple to clean and keep, and provide your house a finished look.
  • A potential buyer may use area rugs to add their own character to their new home without the need for a remodel.

The Options

Along with conventional hardwood flooring, you will find engineered hardwoods and laminates that may give you the same look and feel for a fraction of the cost. However, these choices don't have the exact same lifespan or refinishing alternatives of a conventional hardwood flooring.

The Refinish

Hardwood flooring restoration and repair increases the value of your property. Many homeowners don't expect to find traditional hardwood floors languishing below a layer of cracked linoleum or fading carpet. These wood flooring may have suffered from negligence but can be returned to their former glory at the hands of a person who knows how to bring them back to life.


Floor Sanding Hornchurch is a family owned company with 20 years' experience installing, repairing and restoring hardwood flooring. We take pride in the quality of our job, and client satisfaction is our number one priority. Contact us today at 01708 545 630 To get a free evaluation.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

6 Signs You’ve Chosen a Quality Wood Floor Company

Deciding on a quality wood floor company may be a challenge. There are many different aspects of the business that should be considered before an agreement is made. That is why the pros here at FLOOR SANDING HORNCHURCH have assembled a listing of those six signs to search for to know you've chosen the ideal company.

1. Liability Insurance

This protects you from accidents that could occur at work. They're crucial when determining upon a company. We have had no claims in our company history.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

A company which takes care of their employees, will take care of you. Whenever you are looking for a quality wood floor company, make sure they have workers compensation insurance, so that any injuries that happen during the project is going to be taken care of by the business. FLOOR SANDING HORNCHURCH Has never filed a workers compensation claim in our company's history.

3. Certifications & Training

Certifications and training should be taken under account. Just keep in mind, technology is continuously advancing. Obtaining a certification or passing a training course 20 decades ago isn't the same as completing it in the previous five decades. Some certificates to search for include: NWFA & Bona Certified Craftsman Program, and some other skills obtained in the annual Bona BCCP or NWFA conventions. You may find our employees attending these conventions each year.

4. Experience 30+ Years

Hardwood floors last decades when installed right. That is why it's extremely important to explore the years of expertise each company has. Here at FLOOR SANDING HORNCHURCH, we have been installing, refinishing, and restoring hardwood floors into the Kansas City metro area since 2003. Our experts have industry experience ranging all the way around 30+ years.

5. Dustless Refinishing

99.8% less dust is always a good thing. That's why we highly suggest looking into a company that provides dustless hardwood floor refinishing. Dustless refinishing makes your life a great deal simpler. There is not any requirement to seal off doorways or rooms. You may sit back, relax and observe this innovative method do all the work.

6. Custom Stains

Don't settle for the generic colors a given company has. Make sure you receive the colour that's right for you and your residence. It is ideal to locate a company which can combine custom colors to satisfy your requirements. Make sure this custom blot is included in the original quote so that you don't have the work started and get an unexpected number in your bill. Our custom finishes are always contained in the original cost.

If you are looking for an excellent hardwood flooring company, look no farther than FLOOR SANDING HORNCHURCH. Call today at 01708 545 630 in case you'd like a copy of our policies or to receive more details.

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Thursday, 19 March 2020

How To Remove Pet Stains From Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an extremely practical flooring solution to pet owners. Simple to clean and resistant to the day to day challenges animals wear floors, wood flooring is the best alternative for anyone with cats and dogs for example. One commonly asked question however in regards to pet owners and wood floors is the way to remove stains; especially urine stains on hardwood floors.

Urine, individual or creature can stain your hardwood flooring or maybe even cleaned up immediately following the tiny accident has happened. The main trouble with this sort of stain is the ammonia found in the urine. It's the ammonia from the urine that results in the wood to the blot to become apparent and bothersome. That said, there is also the possible secondary problem when it comes to pet stains, and pee particularly, on timber flooring and that's the moisture it could leave in the wood. Residual moisture left from the stain can cause mould and mold, which can produce the wood go black.

So, ideally all pet stains must be cleaned up from timber flooring instantly after they have occurred. But if, for some reason, this isn't practical or possible, it is likely to remove the stain later. The ideal chemical solution for doing this task is hydrogen peroxide.

Here's what you should do:

Soak a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide and then put it on the stain.

Place cling film over the cloth to create a poultice and leave it in place for up to 12 hours. The poultice will remove the stain.

When you've eliminated the poultice, wash the area using a 50:50 mixture of lemon and water and allow the floor to dry.

You should then use a liquid pet odour neutraliser on the place of the stain, which will remove any traces of odor.

Sand off any remaining stain with a fine sand paper.

At length, touch up the flooring using your initial floor stain product.

If you are in any doubt about carrying out this procedure on your floor, either try the procedure in an obscure part of your flooring or seek additional advice from your wood flooring provider. If you need to eliminate a significant number of pet urine stains out of wood floors, it can be worth considering a complete re-sand and re-finish but this can be rather a radical choice.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Chevron Floor Pattern: The Unmistaken Zigzag Design

Chevron pattern hardwood floors with its unmistakable zigzag design really is iconic in flooring circles. An unmistakable geometric pattern in which boards have been cut at an angle so that the zig perfectly matches the zag, chevron pattern floors may add actual interest and appeal to some type of home, contemporary or traditional.

Thought to be among the first kinds of parquet floors to be manufactured in Europe, the inspiration is thought to come in the brickwork of older temples and churches. And taking center stage from the likes of the palace of Versailles, there's not any getting away from the fact that the accession of the chevron pattern produces a wood flooring much more intriguing.

When it first came into fashion, chevron pattern flooring could have been laid by amateurs who had cut each plank into a 45-degree angle . Thereafter, they'd work painstakingly to be certain every board sat perfectly next to its neighbour. Thankfully today life is made a great deal easier, thanks to engineered chevron flooring. With boards pre-made along with your chevron pattern, you can have your room transformed in no time at all. Add to that the broad range of options in regards to species, finishes and board thicknesses and you will soon begin to see why chevron pattern engineered hardwood floors is correct on top of an increasing number of people's wish lists.

Engineered Timber chevron pattern Floor

Not merely is engineered timber chevron pattern floors a excellent alternative from a convenience perspective, it is also the perfect alternative for virtually any space in the house. In reality, if you opt for the ideal choice, you can get this appearance throughout your house, even in the event that you have under floor heatingsystem.

While solid wood is a wonderful, natural solution, the thing that makes it unsuitable for flooring the likes of a bathroom or kitchen is the natural tendency to expand and contract. The exact same is true at which you have under floor heatingsystem. In its normal setting this is not an issue, however when cut to solid wood floor planks which are butted together on a floor it can become a major issue.

While solid wood floors should always be paired with a growth gap, there's still the inherent risk of an excessive amount of growth or an excessive amount of contraction. Eventually where expansion and contraction is excessive, flooring can create unsightly and draughty gaps or even worse can begin to cup or bow, which makes the flooring surface uneven and unsightly. This isn't true with engineered wood floors.

As a result of the manner engineered planks are assembled, they can withstand moisture and
temperature changes a lot more than solid timber. In reality, they hardly bat an eyebrow, even from the likes of kitchens and bathrooms in which changes can be important. That is exactly what makes our engineered chevron pattern floors such a fantastic option.

Light and Contemporary

If you're searching for a trendy and light chevron pattern, the likes of the solution is extremely prone to float your boat. With an almost light mushroom colouration, the natural thickness and attention of the wood within this flooring is improved both by the oiling and from the interior design of their chevrons.

This is a superb alternative, either for a floor that is uniform throughout your home or for use in any area where you want to create a true illusion of space and light. Terrific when coupled with modern soft furnishings, this really simple to keep flooring will look ideal for a very, very long time.

Dark and interesting

If you'd like more of an antique look, then that yummy Engineered Oak Chevron Coffee Brushed and UV Oiled alternative is for you. With a naturally aged look caused by the cleaning and coffee, this wood flooring wouldn't look strange in any stately home or castle, we can assure you! Nevertheless, at the comfort of your own home, this kind of timeless flooring lets you get as creative as you like with your furnishings. Neither glowing bold designer nor authentic antique will stage this floor. You truly can go as crazy as you like and also this backdrop won't ever seem strange. Add to this, the simple fact that it's currently on offer with 57% off its previous cost and you'll see what a fantastic investment this chevron pattern flooring alternative actually is.